The Contact Company Presents 2016 Employee of the Year Award




The Contact Company Presents 2016 Employee of the Year Award

For the first time, The Contact Company have presented one outstanding employee with the Employee of the Year award!

The 2016 Employee of the Year was selected from all 12 of last year’s Employees of the Month. With so many outstanding colleagues it was certainly a difficult decision, but one employee stood out. In September, Yasmin Wallace picked up the Employee of the Month award for her outstanding customer care…

Yasmin is a Customer Service Advisor on the Superdrug campaign and delivers her role with passion and enthusiasm day after day. Last year, Yasmin undertook Team Leader assessment, after putting real effort in to her own personal development, and passed with flying colours! After becoming a TL for a period of time, Yasmin now wants to spend time learning about other areas of TCC, and to progress; taking the skills, training and experience along with her.

Last year, Yasmin was recognised for providing an exceptional level of customer service, having gone above and beyond for her customer:

In September 2016, a Superdrug customer got in touch to purchase an “Oscar Bear” for their autistic Grandson. The customer told Yasmin that their little Grandson had already had one Oscar Bear and loved the bear so much that he’d taken him everywhere! As a result, Oscar had become a little tired and worn.

Yasmin checked availability across all estates, but couldn’t find another Oscar Bear- as they were so popular, they were all sold out. Minus one… Yasmin had purchased an Oscar bear for herself. In a selfless and kind act, Yasmin spoke to her line managers and arranged to have her own, un-opened, Oscar Bear sent to the customer, free of charge. The customer and their Grandson were absolutely delighted, and got back in touch to say thank you.

Operations Manager, Alan Donaghy: “This kind, thoughtful act really underlines both the values of TCC and what makes this business a great place to work. I feel very proud to have Yasmin as part of my team. At no stage was this action suggested; she simply took it upon herself to do the right thing.”

Yasmin received £500 and a lovely bunch of flowers to accompany her new accolade!

Head of Site, Kevin Horgan: “As an organisation, it’s extremely important that we recognise all colleagues for exceptional work. Delivering exceptional customer service is key for TCC, our clients and- most importantly- our clients’ customers. Our goal is to continuously improve, whilst ensuring that every customer is left having had a fantastic experience. Yasmin has excelled in the above; leaving no stone unturned, to ensure that the customer’s experience was the best possible. The customer endorsed this themselves, having been thrilled at their experience and the level of care shown.”

Everyone at TCC is extremely proud of Yasmin- we all aspire to her exceptional standards of service and thoughtfulness.”