TCC Learns to Drive!

Beep-beep! The Contact Company employees are being offered the chance to learn to drive.

The scheme was introduced to TCC employees in October of last year, when the first group descended on local Birkenhead business, “Al’s Driving School”.

The course takes 8-10 weeks to complete; all lessons are completely free and employees are picked up straight from work. Learners are selected randomly and then informed- as long as they have their provisional license, they’re all set!

Resource Planning Analyst, Tim, was the first to pass his test following the free lessons: “Learning to drive with TCC was a great opportunity. I’m glad I was offered the chance. I enjoyed all of my lessons with Alan and his sparkling personality. Now that I drive, I don’t have to rely on public transport to get into work!”

And Learning & Development Administrator, Grace, wasn’t far behind: “Being given the opportunity to learn to drive has been really great. It has given me freedom and helped me to be more independent. Alan, the driving instructor, was brill’- he really supported my learning.”

Employees receive 15 double lessons each. All they need to get started, is their provisional driving license and to complete a short eye test. Each selected group will be made up of approximately 10 employees and groups will continue to be selected for the foreseeable future.

The decision to offer the lessons to employees comes as part of TCC’s mission to provide opportunities for support and development to all employees, in order for them to improve their prospects for the future; whilst also helping the local economy.

Head of Human Resourcing, Claire Singleton: “It’s fantastic to be able to help out our employees and give them a real boost. Having a driving license opens doors both personally and professionally.” Claire continued, “What’s more, not only does it help our employees, it also helps the business! With two existing sites and a third on the horizon, it ‘s important for us to have options when it comes to travelling safely between sites. When our employees have licenses, they’ll be able to carpool together.”

We look forward to seeing even more of our TCC colleagues passing and setting out on the roads!