TCC Employees Take the Wheel

Back in October last year, The Contact Company launched a scheme to help its employees get behind the wheel.


TCC has paired up with local business, Al’s Driving School, to offer all employees the chance to receive 15 double lessons, completely free of charge.

Employees are selected at random; all they need is a provisional license, 1 year’s service, a clean disciplinary record and to complete a short eye test, and they’re off!

Should anyone prefer a different mode of transport, then they can even switch their driving lessons for motorbike lessons.

The decision to offer free lessons came as part of TCC’s mission to provide opportunities for support and development to all employees, in order for them to improve their prospects for the future, whilst also helping the local economy.

Head of Human Resourcing, Claire Singleton: “It’s fantastic to be able to help out our employees and give them a real boost. Having a driving license opens doors both personally and professionally.” Claire continued, “What’s more, not only does it help our employees, it also helps the business! With two existing sites and a third on the horizon, it ‘s important for us to have options when it comes to travelling safely and sustainably between sites; when our employees have licenses, they’ll be able to carpool together.”

Since the scheme launched, 27 employees have been offered free driving lessons and already we’ve seen 8 employees book their own tests and pass!

Congratulations to:

We look forward to seeing more employees passing their test and getting behind the wheel next year.