The Health Lottery

Several years ago, when The Health Lottery was more concept than realisation, our CEO Asif spearheaded TCC’s undertaking of handling all customer support, from pre-launch strategy to all customer communication post-launch.

Having completed extensive training in 2011, our team now handles all communication from lottery customers via phone, email and social media, as well as providing specialist support in areas including bulk despatch and replenishment of registration cards to the retail network, lost or stolen ticket enquiries, complaints and technical questions about on-line play.

Via improvements to processes and a focus on procedural efficiencies and improvement, we were able to reduce the number of agents required to handle The Health Lottery’s requirements, with no negative effect on productivity and performance, resulting in a more cost-effective service.

OVER 40,000

The number of retailers that sell tickets and pay out prizes to players of The Health Lottery, all supported by TCC’s customer service strategies, developed since early 2007 prior to the September 2011 launch date.




Our six-storey flagship HQ at the entrance to the Queensgate Tunnel has been instrumental to TCC’s successful delivery of customer service for The Health Lottery. It provides a secure setting for our dedicated team to handle sensitive information relating to winners’ claims, as well as a landmark location for jackpot winners to be welcomed and receive publicity.

Asif Hamid, TCC C.E.O.