River Island

During 2011, we were asked to provide support for the high-street fashion retailer River Island, during a significant seasonal increase in customer service activity – due in part to their delivery issues with customer orders.

FIVE DAYS – The length of time from the initial decision being made to the deployment of a team of 25 fully trained TCC agents, with a further 25 available within seven further days.

By adding value via cost-effective, high-quality service, TCC has transformed River Island’s entire customer service operations, offering additional consultation and support regarding systems, processes and overall customer experience.

From early December onwards, we saw significant increases in call volumes, but were more than flexible enough to adapt and scale up our provision to handle this, even improving their call service level from 78% to 89%.

Visit www.riverisland.com for all the latest clothing trends.


Partnering with such a dynamic and well known Brand has given us a great opportunity to demonstrate our flexible and high quality solution and work in true partnership with our client.

Kendal Banks, Operations Manager