About Us

With 15 staff at launch, TCC has since grown to become one of Wirral’s most significant employers.

Our History

The Contact Company was launched in 2006 by Asif Hamid, following his desire to offer clients an on-shore cost effective solution whilst working in true partnership with those clients and adding value to their business propositions.

With 15 staff at launch, TCC has since grown to become one of Wirral’s most significant employers. We have continually developed a business plan which has seen the company experience impressive growth to date, with exciting plans for that growth to be further enhanced in a successful and sustainable manner.

We are now recognised as one of the largest independent call centres in the UK, and in 2009 further expanded through the acquisition of the company’s second location in Wirral of the 30,000sq ft Queensgate office building.

This was one of the largest purchase acquisitions to take place in the North West in 2009 and as other companies cut back against difficult economic conditions, The Contact Company continues to expand and flourish, employing a considerable number of local people in what has become a business that is very well  respected within not only its own sector, but on a much wider scale.


Our IT infrastructure has been developed to offer the highest resilience and ease of operation possible.

With over £4 million of IT investment since launch we can boast state of art telephony and Network solutions to support the needs of our growing customer base. Coupled with a highly qualified and experienced IT team we can offer our clients a secure, stable and flexible IT solution that complements and enhances the Operational team as well as protecting and improving efficiency across our business.

With on-site generators, independent power, multiple fail-over technology and a fully live second Disaster Recovery site we have a truly resilient business that provides continuous service to our clients and their customers whatever the circumstances.


IT Investment


With over 1,000 seats across two sites, all our seats solution ready and access to a large pool of talented local resource, we are able to reduce the time needed for service implementation and launch. Offering 24/7 project coverage also allows our clients to encourage their customers to contact them at any time, day or night.

Since launch we have established a solid, experienced team across all aspects of contact centre activity from Inbound and Outbound Voice and Email through to Social Media and all other related Customer support services. With strong ties to the community, as well as a great network of potential employees, we have been able to attract the most highly skilled and experienced agents from the local workforce to support our clients’ needs, and with the support of the local authority we have become an employer of choice.


Project Support


One significant contribution to our success has been our flexibility both from an implementation point of view but also Operationally. Being able to plan for known Peaks and Troughs with customer contacts as well as reacting quickly to unexpected changes in volume is what makes us stand out from the crowd. With over 100 years of Industry experience our Management Team works in true partnership with our clients to build solutions that can deal with extremely dynamic changes in customer activity.

This was most clearly demonstrated during our support of the Digital Switchover Project from 2009 – 2012 – due to the demands of the project we were challenged to increase and decrease our resource pool by up to 250 agents across very short time periods (days not weeks). This was done with minimal risk on several occasions across the 3 year project and was a key factor in the success of the UK wide project.


Years Experience


Through every contact with TCC we strive to work as a seamless extension of our clients business. Getting under the skin of our clients helps us deliver the best service and solution possible and we have processes and procedures from first contact through to solution launch and beyond that protect that partnership.

Encouraging our clients to spend time on site with us and ensuring clients have direct access to their Operational teams allows us to align closely with their brand and have a real and true understanding of their objectives, aims and strategies. The simplicity of our solutions also means that clients who are new to Customer Services or Outsourcing are able to quickly understand the value we add to our clients business and brand.