Employee of the Month, July 2018




Employee of the Month, July 2018

Congratulations to The Contact Company’s Employee of the Month for the month of July, Jamie Wharton.

Jamie is a Customer Service Advisor on a busy and vibrant health insurance campaign. Jamie is a fountain of knowledge on the campaign and has recently been highly praised by the client for his dedication to the campaign and the fantastic level of customer service they provide.

Jamie’s line manager and Team Leader, Jake Taylor, explains more: “Jamie has gone above and beyond for a health insurance customer who was due to cancel their policy. As a result, Jamie had been nominated by a member of staff in the client’s head office for their internal ‘Star of the Month’ award.

Jamie is the beacon of help within the campaign; always going above and beyond to help his team with his vast knowledge of campaign processes. He has even helped me gain knowledge of the campaign, to allow me to manage the team with a level of knowledge that the Manager of a campaign should have. It’s a very complex campaign to work with, as there are a number of variables that can affect a policy holder’s membership, but there is absolutely nothing that Jamie does not know”.

The Contact Company CEO, Asif Hamid, was also quick to thank Jamie for his hard work; “I’m very impressed to hear that there is “nothing on the campaign that you don’t know.” It’s admirable that you have worked diligently enough to build this body of knowledge and that you share it with others.”


Thank you for being such a fantastic member of the team, Jamie