Employee of the Month, August 2017

Congratulations to The Contact Company‘s Employee of the Month for the month of August, Lauren Cooper.

Lauren is a Customer Service Advisor on the Superdrug campaign and has been commended for her hard work, enthusiasm and real care for the Superdrug customers and their experience.

Last month, Lauren put forward a number of innovative ideas to the client to improve the customer experience- all of which were very well received. Superdrug‘s Customer Service Manager, Wayne Russell: “I think the ideas are great! It sounds like Lauren really does consider how we can make our customer journey even better, so please can you let her know how much we appreciate this really valuable feedback.”

Superdrug were so impressed that Lauren’s ideas will now be fed forward to their e-commerce team to find out if these ideas can be made in to a reality.

TCC Operations Manager, Alan Donaghy, said Lauren is “living and breathing TCC’s mission and core values” and The Contact Company CEO, Asif Hamid MBE, also described Lauren’s ideas as “impressive”, praising her for her “ideas, enthusiasm and commitment”.


We had a chat with Lauren to find out what she most enjoys about her job and what she’d do if she were invisible for the day…


1.What brought you to The Contact Company?

I came to TCC about 3 years ago- I really liked the environment and the people.


2. What do you most enjoy about your job?

The team. The Superdrug team are really helpful and we all work together; you’re made to feel welcome and nobody is ever left out.


3. If you were invisible for the day, what would you do and why?

My little sister is always out and about, so I’d follow her around for the day to see what she’s up to! I’d also pull a few pranks on people…


4. What’s your biggest achievement?

My first ever job is my biggest achievement: I worked with an autistic child who wouldn’t bond with anyone else and I managed to get him to come out of his shell.


5. What’s your goal for the next 12 months?

I’d like to develop within TCC and learn more within the company.


6. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, I go to the cinema and on days out with my friends, and I love spending time with my family.


7. What do you find most challenging about your job?

Customers when they’re frustrated and I’m doing my very best- I just want to help them.


Thanks for all of your hard work, Lauren.