Employee of the Month, November 2016- The Cafe Team




Employee of the Month, November 2016- The Cafe Team

Congratulations to The Contact Company’s Employees of the Month for November: The Cafe Team!

The team work extremely hard, each and every day, to feed and water hungry TCC colleagues- they even manage to remember most employees’ “usuals”, despite TCC having 1,500+ employees! Recently, the team experienced an extra challenge, when TCC had a number of extra employees join the family, in order to meet clients’ requirements over the Christmas period. The cafe was jam-packed each day, but the team took it in their stride.

Customer Service Advisor, Keith Duckers, approached Queensgate Head of Site, Kevin Horgan, to nominate the whole team (both Kingsgate and Queensgate) for Employee of the Month. Keith had lost his wallet; he realised when he got home and, after various attempts to re-trace his steps, could not recollect where it could have been- he even thought that perhaps it may have been stolen somewhere along his travels. What a surprise he had the next day, when he came in to work to find that the wallet had been handed in to reception by the cafe team!

Kevin Horgan: [Keith] approached me to advise how grateful he was that “in this day and age there are some really honest people.” Keith was completely relieved and appreciative- he wanted the team to be recognised for their honesty and, of course, their hard work in general.

Catering Manager, Sarah Cook, was also quick to compliment the team: “I am incredibly proud of the team and so happy that they have been recognised for all of the hard work that they put in each and every day. There’s a lot of planning, preparation and elbow grease that goes in to feeding such a large number of employees and the team never fail to deliver- with a smile!”

I.T. Director, Alex Karolemeas: “They are often viewed as the ‘always there’ service, with little thought around the significant amount of work and preparation that goes into providing hot food to a workforce of over 1,500 people. The team are always cheery despite the large increases in workload that they experience. Nothing is too much trouble for the team and they make sure that they listen to feedback and adjust their products and service accordingly.”

Congratulations to the cafe team- thank you for all of your hard work!