Employee of the Month, May 2018

Congratulations to The Contact Company‘s Employee of the Month for the month of May, Michael Jacobs.


Michael (or MJ as his friends know him!) is a Quality Coach on a fast-paced Financial Services campaign. Even at the busiest of times, Michael has a calming effect on his peers and colleagues; always keeping a positive outlook and driving the best results.

Operations Manager, Shelby Kehoe, explains: “Michael has worked extremely hard to support the campaign, going above and beyond his job role on so many different occasions. Michael is a Quality Coach within the campaign, assisting with the evaluation and feedback of calls to other Customer Service Representatives.

We have seen a significant improvement- in the region of a 20% increase over 3 months.

Michael has been keeping a tracker with all Quality Coaches’ markings and feedback, providing face to face and email updates each evening, even cross-referencing the quality marking done by all Team Leaders and coaches with the client’s records.

Michael keeps the Quality Coach team grounded with his calm approach, but also ensures that he is pushing the team to achieve more. Michael has also helped new Quality Coaches moving into the role, by taking them under his wing and showing them the ropes!

We are all amazed by Michael’s sheer dedication and commitment to his role; day-in, day-out!”


Here are just a few more things Michael’s colleagues had to say about him…

“Michael is one of the most hard-working, positive individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside during my time The Contact Company. His upbeat and enthusiastic approach to work is what makes him stand out – you can never have a bad day if MJ is around! He is extremely hard working and massively exceeds targets every single day.”

“Michael demonstrates excellent organisational and leadership skills.”

“He is a very friendly colleague who is always checking you are OK.”

“Nothing is too much if asked and never refused. This is someone who is more deserving of this than anyone I know.”




Thanks so much for your hard work, Michael!