Employee of the Month 2017: Year in Review




Employee of the Month 2017: Year in Review

Throughout 2017, many of our fantastic, hardworking employees were recognised as Employee of the Month. Employee of the Month is awarded when an employee has gone above and beyond their role to provide excellent customer service and/or support the business and colleagues. With so many exceptional and deserved winners through 2017, we thought it might be nice to refresh our memory…


January- Stuart Lindsay

Now The Contact Company’s Work-based Apprenticeships and Learning Co-ordinator, last January Stuart was a Campaign Trainer on a fast-paced TV/signal-based campaign. Stuart excelled in his first few months in role, suggesting processes to improve the overall training performance of his campaign and displaying a high-level of dedication and passion.

TCC Training Lead, Kaley Casson (Jan 2017): “Since becoming a campaign trainer, Stuart has been so passionate and enthusiastic about the training and development of all employees- especially Advisors. He’s like a breath of fresh air to speak to and is always in regular communication with myself about the projects he’s working on. Stuart aims to improve the quality of specific processes we have in place for new Advisors- he has come to me with various ideas, which are fantastic!”



February- Jacinta Rainford

At the time of being awarded Employee of the Month, Jacinta was a Customer Service Advisor on a busy night shift campaign, having been with TCC for 10 years! Since winning her award, Jacinta has gone on to progress to Team Leader; something which she had been striving to achieve…

Throughout all of the extra work and shifts that Jacinta volunteers for, the quality of her work never drops. The service she provides her customers with is consistently the very best.

Jacinta’s Team Leader (Feb 2017): “Jacinta is a continuously happy, friendly face on the floor and will help anyone in need, at any time. She is an all-round outstanding employee; no task is ever too big. Her positive outlook has helped to bring a happy, upbeat and enjoyable atmosphere to the team. Jacinta is an inspiration and an asset to the company.”


March- Debbie Pendleton

To ensure that she was improving and meeting the requirements of her team, Debbie undertook a “Stop/Start/Continue” questionnaire, to harvest feedback from her team on her management style. The feedback from Debbie’s team was 100% positive! Here are some of the things the team had to say about their Team Leader…

“We are a happy team thanks to Debbie.”

“Debbie is extremely supportive- she values both individuals and the team.”

“The whole team adores her.”

“Debbie makes sure we get the praise we deserve- we are never forgotten about.”

“Top Boss!”

Debbie has also put herself forward to complete an NVQ in Team Leading, funded by TCC, and has been coming on in leaps and bounds!


April- Beckie Smith

Team Leader, Beckie, was awarded Employee of the Month back in April last year for the support she offered the TCC Recruitment Department, whilst also maintaining extremely high standards in her existing role…

Recruitment Manager, Graham Kelly (April 2017): “The workload has been huge at times, but Beckie has remained calm, professional and upbeat. Beckie can be relied upon to get the job done, instilling this same ethos across the team; and is always extremely patient and nurturing with her team members and colleagues. It’s been a real pleasure working with Beckie- she’s an asset to the company.”


May- Jordan Mcwilliams

Back in May, River Island Campaign Trainer, Jordan, was awarded the Employee of the Month award after suggesting, devising and implementing a new process for the structure of Advisor live chat rotas; helping out both colleagues and the client, as well as ensuring a fantastic level of service for River Island customers.

Here are just a few of the things Jordan’s colleagues had to say about him:

“He is always very willing to help out; nothing is ever too much trouble for him”

“He always has a way of making colleagues smile”

“Jordan has a positive attitude that brightens up everyone’s day”

“He has a great attitude: always willing to work, very approachable”

“Jordan helps out with briefings, never complains and always has a smile on his face”


June- Pete Barrington

In June we received an influx of nominations for Learning and Development Trainer, Pete Barrington. Here’s just a few of the things colleagues had to say…

“One of the best Trainers I’ve had in any job- such a positive attitude towards everything. Whenever I needed help, he was there to help me. Pete has made our training a fun and educational experience.”

“Pete is a great Trainer, and so friendly! He’s made us all feel really welcome and ready to start on the campaign- he’s very approachable.”

“Pete brings a whole new meaning to ‘above and beyond’! He’s clearly passionate about his role and is so approachable and friendly. I thought the first two weeks were going to be petrifying, but he’s made it a great experience. Pete has made me feel excited and ready to come in to work- I feel like a new person! I put this down to him, his welcoming attitude and eagerness to teach.”

Pete’s Line Manager and Training Lead, Kaley Casson: Pete is one of the best Trainers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His training skills are second to none and it’s great to have him in the L&D team. I’m so pleased that his skills have been recognised across the business.


July- Sean Turner

Sean is a Learning and Development Trainer, and has been with The Contact Company for over 7 years. He was nominated by a number of colleagues back in July.

Sean has an incredible work ethic; always positive and willing to offer assistance wherever it is needed. This was observed last year on a new financial services campaign, where his ideas and enthusiasm had a noticeable influence. Sean also takes great pride in helping people to progress within the company- one colleague said that he “gave [them] the confidence” to achieve their current position within the company.

Here are just a few more of the things colleagues had to say about Sean:

“He always has a smile on his face and nothing is ever too much trouble for him. He always puts in the extra effort helping everyone- not just with training, but also with the development of others. Sean is a bubbly person and appreciated by many.”

“Sean is passionate about developing others and is very supportive; his positive energy rubs off on others. People respect him and view him as a good role model. He’s an asset to TCC.”

“I think Sean is absolutely fantastic at what he does and deserves to win Employee of the Month for all of his hard work over the years.”


August- Lauren Cooper

In August, Lauren was nominated by her line manager after putting forward a number of innovative ideas to the client to improve the customer experience- all of which were very well received

Superdrug‘s Customer Service Manager, Wayne Russell: “I think the ideas are great! It sounds like Lauren really does consider how we can make our customer journey even better, so please can you let her know how much we appreciate this really valuable feedback.”

Superdrug were so impressed that Lauren’s ideas were fed forward to their e-commerce team to find out if her ideas could be made in to a reality.


September- Leanne Fookes

In September, Leanne went above and beyond her role as Customer Relations Manager to offer a truly fantastic experience to the Superdrug customer…

Leanne took ownership of a case in which the customer had had numerous issues with the supply of a specific type of baby bottle.

An incorrect Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) code displayed on the website had resulted in the customer ordering three sets of bottles and each time receiving the incorrect product; the customer’s baby had become used to using this type of product and the customer was having difficulty feeding the young child. Leanne investigated this, located the problem and advised the client to update the website to stop this affecting any other customers.

Leanne then called the warehouse to see if they could source any of the bottles to send to the customer as an immediate overnight despatch, but, unfortunately, there was no stock available. Leanne came to speak with me and after holding a discussion she decided the best course of action to take would be to try local stores and suppliers to see if we could locate some for the customer. Leanne then sourced and purchased the product, and advised the customer that she would send this via Royal Mail special delivery so she could have it as soon as possible.


October- Sean Clarke

Sean is a Team Leader on a busy mobile/broadband campaign, and is always full of life and happy to help! Sean recently moved from a large logistics campaign and wasted no time getting to know his new team: “Sean took it upon himself to really learn the nature of our campaign, to enable him to understand what we do as a team- this in itself is a huge help and clearly shows how much he cares.”

The Contact Company CEO, Asif Hamid MBE, praised Sean for all of his hard work over the years: “the fact that many of these nominations came from Customer Service Representatives is all the more impressive; in the build-up to our busiest time of year, you are having a phenomenally positive influence on the people who matter the most. I suspect your new campaign has only seen the beginning of your commitment and enthusiasm.”


November- John Turner

November’s deserved winner was IT Support’s John Turner.

CEO Asif Hamid: “I have since read the nomination you received. I was thrilled to learn that not only do you work relentlessly to find solutions to complicated IT problems; you also take time to explain the issues to the user in a way which they can understand. Additionally, I discovered that you routinely stay beyond your shift finish time, so that you can resolve issues of real urgency affecting the business. This is deeply admirable and truly over and above your role. I could not ask for more from you.”


December- Kelci Horner

In December, a customer called about a cancelled Christmas order. Kelci began by investigating with the relevant store, discovering why the order had been cancelled, and whether it was possible to obtain a replacement item. When this proved unsuccessful, Kelci telephoned other stores near to the customer, asking whether they had the item. Unsuccessful but undeterred, Kelci then went to the Birkenhead store on her lunch break and purchased the item for the customer, doing so with her own money. She then arranged for this to be sent to the customer, so that she had her item before Christmas. CEO, Asif Hamid: “The nomination says the customer was “amazed” at the service you provided. This does not surprise me: I, too, was astounded and thrilled by your efforts. This is truly above and beyond your job role. You have made a real difference to the customer and proven that TCC’s culture statement – to continually strive to exceed customer expectations – is more than just an aim; it is a reality.”