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Customer Service: 6 things you may be doing wrong

The world of Customer Service is constantly moving and evolving, but even so, there are standards and pillars of success that remain the same. Here are the 6 things you may be doing wrong. Are you guilty of any of these Customer Service blunders? If so, don’t panic, we’ll have you sorted in no time… […]



7 things Lord of the Rings can teach us about Social Media

Social media and Lord of the Rings- in no way linked, right? Wrong! The world of social media for business can sometimes be a daunting one, but, with the right knowledge and guidelines, it can be an invaluable marketing and customer service tool. We found that Lord of the Rings touched on all of our […]



Pokemon Go Life Lessons

We’ve all heard of it by now- the global phenomenon that is Pokemon Go! With an estimated 75M downloads worldwide, it has taken the app markets by storm. But the question is, what life lessons can Pokemon Go teach us?   1.Set goals Whose dog has been walked more times in the last week than […]



How to Talk to your Most Frustrated Customers

Research suggests that a customer will stay with a company despite encountering issues, but only if the issue is resolved the first time round. So! With that said, how can you keep your customer calm long enough for you to be able to deal with the problem as effectively as possible, whilst restoring your customer’s […]



4 Key Tips for Social Media as a Customer Service Medium

  Create a Separation between Marketing and Help It’s always best to create separate accounts for marketing and customer service/“help”. Every business in the world will receive complaints or experience issues at some point. It’s the nature of the beast (as they say) and it’s extremely hard to prevent this from happening altogether! What you […]