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Office Lingo 101

Feeling out of touch with the office lingo? Don’t worry, we’ll translate…   C.O.P What it means: Close of Play How to use it: “I’ll email those figures over to you before C.O.P today.” How not to use it: “I’ll email those figures over before C.O.P…because I’m the number police… I’m on the case.” *insert awkward chuckle*. Why [&helli



How to Conduct an Effective Interview

How do host the perfect interview, we hear you ask? Well, we’ll tell you…   Prepare! Be sure to understand the position and job roles inside-out. Meet with stakeholders to discuss the various attributes and skills that the candidates must possess. This knowledge will inform your questions, so, once you have it, be sure to […]



How to Create Effective Tone of Voice Guidelines

Let’s start off with the basics… what is Tone of Voice? Tone of Voice is the distinct personality, style, or point of view of a piece of writing or any other creative work. The language/words used, brand purpose and selling points all inform your Tone of Voice. A set Tone of Voice creates a sense […]



After Call Work 101

After-call work (more popularly referred to as ACW, or alternatively, “wrap-up”) lets you know that the Customer Service Advisor is busy and removes them from the call/interaction cue. This is an essential element in any Customer Service Interaction. ACW provides the Customer Service Advisor with time to complete important interactions/notes; ensuring that they are not neglected […]



Customer Service: 6 things you may be doing wrong

The world of Customer Service is constantly moving and evolving, but even so, there are standards and pillars of success that remain the same. Here are the 6 things you may be doing wrong. Are you guilty of any of these Customer Service blunders? If so, don’t panic, we’ll have you sorted in no time… […]