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7 Things Friends Taught us about Customer Service

Ahh, everyone’s favourite group of friends… they taught us a lot: how to play poker, how to stand up to pushy parents, how to safely manoeuvre furniture and, of course, what not to do when you’re “on a break”. In fact, the coffee house-dwellers even taught us a little about customer service. Did somebody say marathon?… […]



A Day in the Life Of… The Campaign Mail Admin. Team!

Meet the Campaign Mail Admin Team- Post, Direct Debits, Informative Outbound calls/updates, Order processing… all by mail! 2nd Floor, at the back of the room; all blinds shut (but one), hidden behind a coded door. It’s not as quiet as it seems… It’s another day in the Mail Admin Office!   8:45am– “Two large, caramel […]



That Call- An Opportunity to Grow

We’ve all experienced it: the day’s been going well and then you get THAT call. The customer is not happy; in fact, they’re enraged. They haven’t received the service they expected and they want to unleash their fury in a verbal assault on the poor, unsuspecting soul who picked up the call- namely you. In […]



A Day in the Life Of… Head of Site

A day in the life of Head of Site, Kevin Horgan!…   06.00 – Rise and shine! Catch up on overnight news including- of course- the sport: Breaking news about “Big Sam”… wonder where that one’s going…   06.45 – Leave home having said goodbye to an 8 year old who is very excited; she’s […]



8 Ways to Make the Most of your Weekend

If you work Monday-Friday, the weekend should be a time to relax and unwind after the working week, whilst preparing yourself for the week ahead. Despite this, many UK workers find it hard to switch off and make the most of their time. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can do just that…   […]

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