Office Lingo 101- Part 2

Office Lingo 101- Part 2

Still trying to work out what your colleagues are talking about? Well, we’ve got some more office lingo to put on your radar…


1. On my/your Radar

What it means: If something is “on your radar”, you’re letting people know you’re aware of it. If you put something on someone else’s radar, you’re making them aware.

How to use it: “Just a quick one to put on your radar… [Insert information/instruction]”

How not to use it: As a Britney impression.

Why they use it: It makes the whole thing sound more exciting, doesn’t it? Almost like a mission. Even if the news is that the canteen are doing 2-4-1 on sandwiches…


2. Run this up the Flagpole

What it means: To give something a trial/test it out and see if it goes well.

How to use it: “Let’s run this up the flagpole and see how we go…”

How not to use it: With gesticulation. It never looks the way you think it does in your head.

Why they use it: As a more positive alternative to, “That doesn’t sound like it’s going to work, but let’s give it a try, shall we?”


3. Hit the Ground Running

What it means: Get started.

How to use it: “OK, well, let’s hit the ground running on that one.”

How not to use it: By clapping or hitting something whilst saying the word “hit”. It makes people jump. It’s widely unappreciated.

Why they use it: To let you know how dynamic and fast-paced they are.


4. Bring to the Table

What it means: To contribute something.

How to use it: “Is there anything you would like to bring to the table?”

How not to use it: In a literal sense. Nobody wants you to put things on the table- we’re trying to work here.

Why they use it: Because it just sounds nice, doesn’t it… like a little tea party, but with a lot more actions and a lot less cakes.


5. Al Desko

What it means: Food eaten at your desk.

How to use it: I’m off to have my lunch Al Desko.

How not to use it: I’m off to have my lunch Al Desko.

Why they use it: They have a sudden lapse of judgement; perhaps brought on by hunger.



Do you, or your colleagues, use any office lingo? feel free to get in touch and let us know!