A Day in the Life of…a PA

A Day in the Life of…a PA

A Day in the Life of PA to CEO, CFO & Directors, Sharon Hilton…


5.30-                Alarm goes off… jump in the shower and get ready for work.

6.15-                Check that hubby has gotten up for work and head downstairs to let the dog out/feed the bunnies.

6.30-                Make the lunches whilst the hubby takes the dog out.

7.00-                Get Oliver up for college and leave the house for work.

7.15-                 Arrive at the office and sign in on the First Aider sheet.

7.20-                Head upstairs to my desk; open up Asif’s Office and feed the fish; log on to my PC.

7.30-                Respond to all emails received overnight. People are asking if we have any vacancies- I direct them to the recruitment agencies.

– I book any other appointments into the diary for Asif (CEO), the Directors and Catherine, Head of Client Services.

– Re-arrange meetings and amend meeting room bookings as required.

– Re-confirm with Bill, from the Facilities team, that he has the vetting packs to drop off for one of our new campaigns.

9.00-                 Reception call- the post has arrived. I open/log it all, show Asif what’s come in today and pass it onto the relevant departments.

9.25-                 Order some new Specsavers eye vouchers and issue one to a TCC Advisor.

9.30-                 Advise our Risk & Compliance team that some CRB checks have come back for one of our new campaigns, and that they’re currently with HR.

– Advise two other campaigns to come and collect their post.

9.35-                 Respond to some external emails.

– Send Bill to get some news articles framed for Asif.

9.55-                 Transfer a call through to Asif’s office.

10.00-              Set up some meetings for Asif with the Liverpool  LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership), which he is Interim Vice Chair for, and respond to some email communication with the team.

10.30-              Respond to some “Enquiries” emails requesting references for ex-employees.

11.00-              Time for a coffee break- I pick up a cup of tea for Asif as well.

11.10-               Catch up with Catherine to check travel arrangements for the offsite, new business meeting next week in London.

11.20-              Head of Site, Kevin Horgan, calls to advise he’ll be heading over to Kingsgate and that he’ll be on his mobile- just in case we need him.

11.35-              Andy, Account Manager, checks in as he’s passing. One of his clients will be visiting again soon- he’ll let me know so we can book it in the diary.

12.00-             Lunch time – Chicken & Rice for lunch today, with a bit of sweet chilli sauce to spice things up!

12.20-             Back from lunch. Respond to the emails that came in whilst I was away from the desk.

12.45-             Ensure that everything is ready for the SMT (Senior Management Team) meeting, and that the Boardroom is open.

13.15-              Interrupt Asif’s meeting to remind him that his next meeting is the SMT, due to start in 15 minutes.

13.30-             SMT Meeting.

14.30-             SMT meeting finishes; I head back to my desk to type up the actions/notes and distribute them to all attendees.

15.00-             Arrange some time for Head of HR, Claire, to meet with Asif and the mentees over the coming weeks.

15.25-             Grab a drink from the canteen before it closes, and catch up on any emails that have come in whilst I’ve been in the SMT meeting.

16.00-            Confirm a business trip for Asif next week.

– Book hotel rooms for a client at the Jurys Inn Hotel, Liverpool.

16.15-             Set some meetings up for Catherine with various people within the business.

17.00-             Final check on my emails; accept some meeting invitations that have come through, and finish off any tasks before I leave for the day.

17.30-             Say goodbye to Asif and log off my PC, before heading home for the night.

17.35-             As I’m driving home, I call Mum and Dad to check that they are both OK – through the car kit, keeping it legal!

17.50-             Arrive home to a very happy dog waiting for me at the door- who then leads me straight to the kitchen where his treats are!

18.00-            Start the tea and then time to relax…