A Day in the Life of… Business Development, Glenn Bennett

A Day in the Life of… Business Development, Glenn Bennett

Working in the Business Development department is challenging and exciting – not one day is the same. From developing relationships with potential new clients, to completing government tenders, or showing new clients our fantastic facilities; it’s a real difference from working as an Advisor (which I used to be).


9:00am- First things first: a quick check of my emails… There may be some prospects for me to follow-up on, or perhaps there’s been some interest shown in the ‘enquiries’ section of the TCC website for me to pick up.

I use a CRM system to log progress with prospects, from the point of first contact. It can take 6 – 8 months from initial contact to implement a new campaign. So, it’s always best to keep a log of where we’re up to and what tasks need doing.

9:30am- Next on my to-do list is to check out the industry news and canvass some of our competitors – we always need to be ahead of the competition!

10:00am- Then it’s on to researching prospective clients…

10:30am- After the research is done, it’s time to make a few outbound calls…

Believe it or not, this isn’t a waste of time- One of our current clients (dealing in delivery services) originated from an outbound call. It’s great now to see how many jobs have been created on the floor from that campaign- 60+… that gives me a real sense of achievement!

11:00am- Whilst I’ve got a bit of time, I work through some tender documents.

11:40am- A last-minute check on the PowerPoint presentation and we’re all ready for our prospective client visit!


Appointments can be made for visitors to meet us at Queensgate, Kingsgate, or the clients’ site. If a prospective client is visiting one of our sites, the Reception Team will be aware of the date and time of arrival.

When our visitors arrive, the Reception team will call me to let me know they’ve arrived. I then greet them and get drinks for everyone (non-alcoholic, sadly!). Once the formal meet and initial introductions are complete, we invite our guests to the boardroom and commence discussions regarding the types of services they’re looking for.

After this, we take our visitors for a tour; showcasing our amazing sites, our fantastic employees and all of the services we offer. We really want to utilise our potential clients’ time, so call-listening is offered and our visitors will meet with the Senior Management Team to build relationships. Ultimately, the main thing our visitors tend to want to see is our Advisors in action, and I don’t blame them! In my opinion, Advisors are the most important people in our business; our life blood. Once the Queensgate tour is complete, we travel over to Kingsgate and take a look at the facilities, as well as visiting each campaign. Once the day is done, we say our farewells and the potential client leaves with a full understanding of the culture, vibrancy and talent The Contact Company possesses. We have some unbelievable feedback from our visitors.

Currently, we work with some massive household names, and the scale of the organisations who visit us isn’t getting smaller…

Once the potential new client has departed, I send a mail across to them, expressing our thanks for their time, and attach a further presentation pack.

For me, the best thing about a visit is how we showcase our ability to be a team of professionals- every, single employee contributes to winning new business.

3:00pm- Once our visitors leave, my Line Manager, Catherine Miles, and I have a quick de-brief.

3:20pm- Met with Head of Resource Planning, Paul Conway, and Head of Finance, Mark Brick, to discuss the viability of a new campaign.

4:00pm- It’s time for our weekly Sales and Marketing strategy meeting with our Head of Department, Catherine Miles, and Marketing Communications Co-ordinator, Elise Grundy.

This ensures that we’re working together to really target the types of business and prospects that we want to reach.

5:00pm- Last check of my emails and a quick finalisation of my plans for tomorrow: I’m off down to London to meet with a new, prospective client. I’ll be setting off at 7am and getting home at around 8pm- so I definitely need a good night’s sleep tonight!

5:35pm- Home time!