A Day in the Life of… A Learning & Development Trainer

A Day in the Life of… A Learning & Development Trainer

The Contact Company Learning & Development Trainer, Phil Churchill, tells us what he gets up to on an average day…


08:00– Arrive at work. After all, apparently 80% of success is showing up! (Woody Allen).

8:30– Check through my emails and take a look at my calendar to make sure everything is where it was yesterday- things can change quickly! Quality Coach, Laura, is having a whip-around for fellow L&D Trainer, Dave’s, birthday … I swear it feels as though we have about a million members in our team sometimes!

9:00– “TCC Charity Champion” catch-up meeting… Each week we have a quick catch-up to discuss the progress of each of our assigned tasks. Project Manager, Rebecca, and I, are to organise the TCC Tough Mudder team this year.

I am a really charitable person… You know one of those tenners in the canteen charity box?… No, it doesn’t matter… I don’t want to talk about it; it was left anonymously……..

10:00-Time for the Training Team meeting! Each week we get together to discuss the week’s events, as well as sharing best practice (and best breakfast).

11:00– It’s time to attend some potential Bank Trainer presentations. Bank Trainers are campaign-specific trainers here at TCC, and they have so much fun in their role! This applicant has already passed the interview stage, so, fingers crossed!… To show off their existing training skills, they need to present on a subject of their choice. I always enjoy the subjects… this one was fun- I learnt a lot about moon-walking!

12:00– Lunch time. The delish, slimming options mean I can save myself for the pub on Friday!

13:00– Now for CMSP (Core Management Skills Programme) discussions. Every prospective Team Leader has to enroll in- and complete- this programme, in order to progress to TL. We’re looking to sign employees off on their coaching skills. Today, 10 individuals have been signed off and will now be effectively supported in their development towards their goal!  This is great for the individual, great for the campaign and great for the company!

14:00– Time to present a TCC induction. It’s great to be the first point of contact for new employees. It’s always fun to show people around the sites and to hear them discussing their expectations and all of the opportunities we offer. I really enjoy getting people excited to work at TCC and meeting everyone. Although, if you do see me around, I can’t promise to remember your name straight away- I meet so many people!

I have taken to introducing key people from around the business sporadically on the tour; this is great for the new employees and I secretly enjoy putting people on the spot a bit…

17:00– A quick check of my emails. I sort out any quick-fixes, as well as assign and organise any required actions- including the “Can you help me get my car out of the car park?” request from fellow Trainer, Irene.

 18:00– Off home for the day- ready to watch some Game of Thrones and chill!