A Day in the Life of… A Customer Service Advisor

A Day in the Life of… A Customer Service Advisor

Ever wondered what The Contact Company’s Customer Service Advisors get up to on a daily basis? …


08:00– Wake up and roll out of bed. Today’s shift is 10:00-19:00, so I’ve got plenty of time to get ready.

09:10– Leave the house to catch the bus. I catch-up with friends in the group chat and have a browse through the news on the way.

09:30– Quick pit-stop at the TCC Canteen… I grab a Vanilla Latte, before jumping in the lift to head up to the floor.

09:40– On the floor- time to log-in to my phone and computer.

I have a quick browse through today’s TCC Intranet messages… A new employee incentive! Fingers crossed I’ll be a winner…

I also have a scroll through any campaign-specific notices/info on the online knowledge base.

09:50- I’m trained on Live Chat, Email and Social Media, as well as calls; so today I’m looking after the social media account, whilst taking customer calls. I get all of my systems ready and all the tabs that I need open.

09:59- I “auto-in” to my phone and begin taking customer calls. When I’m not on a call, I’m busy responding to customer queries via the social media account.

11:04– Time for a mega quick personal (aka loo) break.

11:09- Back to it!

12:20- Time for my first 10 minute break of the day… I pop myself in to the break AUX code on my phone, and “Away” on social media (my fellow trained colleagues have it covered!), and off I go. Whew- those first 2 hours flew by! Your working day goes by fast in this job.

12:29- Back at my desk and ready to take some more customer queries…

14:30- Lunch time already…  I nip down to the TCC Canteen. What’s today’s special? … I go for Lasagne and Garlic Bread. The Canteen Team have us chatting away- as always.

I see a friend from another campaign in the canteen, so I join them for lunch.

Before I head back up, I grab a cake from the TCC Charity Champions’ stall- yum!

15:10- I’m back at my desk and ready to respond to more customer queries… One lady has me giggling away over the phone, telling me all about her morning whilst we get everything sorted for her- it’s so lovely to know you’ve helped someone.

15:30- It’s quite quiet at the moment, so my Team Leader has told me to go in to the coaching AUX code- it’s time for my 1-2-1!

My TL and I work through what’s gone well this month and where I could have improved. Once that’s done, we take a look at my PDP (Personal Development Plan). Within this plan, I include my goals for the year, what actions I need to take to achieve these goals step-by-step, and what TCC needs to do to support me.

My ultimate goal is to become involved in The Contact Company’s Finance Department- I have education and previous experience in this area, so I’d love to get involved!

I have all of the steps and support outlined in my PDP…  The very first step: to become exceptional at my core job role!! The next step: to begin to create a Proposal and spend some time shadowing people working in the Dept.

16:00- I’m feeling really positive after that 1-2-1! Back to the calls and social media I go… I’m feeling extra determined to get my Quality Assessments spot-on, to allow me to begin making progress towards my big goal.

If you want something, you’ve got to go and get it!

17:00– We have a quick half-hour top-up training session to complete. Half of the group are taken away to complete it (me included)… The rest of the group are more than enough to keep responding to customers; it’s been fairly quiet this afternoon. Besides, we’re only a floor away, in the Training Room- if we get busier and the rest of the team need us, they can ring down and we’ll pop back up.

17:30- Back at the desk and it’s the final hurdle- only an hour and a half to go.

19:05- Aaaaand we’re done! I was on the phone to a customer from 6:50pm, so I needed to make sure everything was resolved for them before finishing up.

19:10– All logged out of my phone and computer, and that’s me done for the day! Just in time for the 19:22 train across the road. Tomorrow’s shift start is 11am…more time for a lie in!!

Back to it all tomorrow…


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