A Day in the Life of… a Work-Based Apprenticeships and Learning Coordinator

A Day in the Life of… a Work-Based Apprenticeships and Learning Coordinator

The Contact Company Work-based Apprenticeships and Learning Coordinator, Stuart Lindsay, tells us what he gets up to on a day-to-day basis…


5:45am Up for work, showered, then down to let the dog out. I grab a cuppa’ and toast, then it’s on the train to work.

7:20am I arrive at work and pop in to the canteen to grab a coffee. “Just a bit of milk, Stu?” the canteen team say- they always know!

7:40am Up to the office and I’m greeted by Learning and Development Administrator, Grace. I log on and check my emails.

8:15am I check my calendar for the day and prepare for any meetings.

8:45am Pop down to Reception to tell the team about my visitors for the day, grab another coffee and have a conversation with some of the Canteen Team about sourcing a qualification for all Canteen staff across both sites.

9:00am I start planning in all The Contact Company learners.We currently have around 65 learners completing a qualification; from senior management qualifications through to support departments, as well as customer service qualifications

10:00am Apprenticeship Levy Fund call with an external provider, negotiating how we can get the most out of the TCC Levy fund pot. I reflect on the call and make notes.

10:30am First meeting of the day with a traineeship provider, discussing how traineeships will work for TCC and how we can drive our next generation forward.

11:30am Emails and more planning of Assessor visits and TCC learners.

12:00pm Quick catch up with Head of Learning and Development, Karen Russell, to talk about different projects I’m working on within the community. These range from recruitment to promoting TCC within schools.

12:30pm Lunch- at last! we all have a debate about what we fancy for our lunch…I always end up getting a sandwich (…sometimes a nice Strawberry Tart or cakes for the office).

1:30pm Catch-up with new starters recruited from different projects. I check all is OK with them and address any issues or concerns they would like to raise.

2:00pm I start work on a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for work placements. We need a process to be written for any placements we have with Wirral Met College.

3:00pm Meeting with existing learning provider regarding the progress of our learners and what support TCC can offer to those learners slightly behind on progress.

4:00pm Time to catch-up on some more emails!

4:30pm I check my calendar for tomorrow and do any prep. for tomorrow’s meetings/visits.

5:00pm Home I go!