5 Ways to Engage your Customer Support Teams

5 Ways to Engage your Customer Support Teams

Customer support team engagement levels are high on the agenda in the customer contact industry. With happy and engaged employees providing the best levels of customer experience, and customer experience being a make or break factor for many would-be customers, can you really afford to ignore how your employees are feeling?…


  1. Opportunities for progression and development

Providing real opportunities for progression and development will give your customer team something to strive for, motivating them to perform to their best of their ability.

Investing back in to learning and development is an important way of engaging customer support team members, providing them with extra skills and experience, and encouraging them to move forwards in their career.


2. Work towards a common goal- and let your team in on that goal!

Your organisation should have a strategy and objectives to be working towards, along with the ways and means to achieve these goals.

When your customer support teams understand what it is they’re working towards, how they fit in to the picture and how they can quantify their contribution to the bigger picture, they will feel a much-improved sense of purpose.



3. Honesty is the best policy

Be honest with your customer service employees, and communicate often.

Feedback should work both ways. When you regularly communicate with your customer support teams in an open and honest way, the more you likely you are to receive the same in return.

Opening up the communication channels is the key; ensure your employees feel comfortable enough to talk about their thoughts about the organisation and provide the right channels to allow them to do so. The more Management know about how their employees are feeling, the greater the insight will be and, as a result, the more improvements can be made.


4. Manage your Customer Service Team’s Workload

A heavy workload will always get your customer service team down. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced Resource Planning team in place, as well as ensuring that employees have the right balance between working and breaks, downtime, activities, and the occasional celebration. This will help them to stay engaged, feel cared for, and feel positively encouraged to continue delivering an exceptional customer experience.


5. Reward

Although it may seem like an obvious one, it’s often overlooked… Rewards can come in many different forms; such as pay increases, increases in holiday allowances, employee benefits, snacks and treats, parties/events etc. All of which will make your customer support employees feel valued, and- in turn- engaged with the organisation.


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