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Office Lingo 101

Feeling out of touch with the office lingo? Don’t worry, we’ll translate…   C.O.P What it means: Close of Play How to use it: “I’ll email those figures over to you before C.O.P today.” How not to use it: “I’ll email those figures over before C.O.P…because I’m the number police… I’m on the case.” *insert awkward chuckle*. Why [&helli



After Call Work 101

After-call work (more popularly referred to as ACW, or alternatively, “wrap-up”) lets you know that the Customer Service Advisor is busy and removes them from the call/interaction cue. This is an essential element in any Customer Service Interaction. ACW provides the Customer Service Advisor with time to complete important interactions/notes; ensuring that they are not neglected […]



7 things Lord of the Rings can teach us about Social Media

Social media and Lord of the Rings- in no way linked, right? Wrong! The world of social media for business can sometimes be a daunting one, but, with the right knowledge and guidelines, it can be an invaluable marketing and customer service tool. We found that Lord of the Rings touched on all of our […]



4 Key Tips for Social Media as a Customer Service Medium

  Create a Separation between Marketing and Help It’s always best to create separate accounts for marketing and customer service/“help”. Every business in the world will receive complaints or experience issues at some point. It’s the nature of the beast (as they say) and it’s extremely hard to prevent this from happening altogether! What you […]



A Day in the Life of… I.T!

A Day in the Life of John Cockroft- I.T. Manager      Monday 27th June 2016   07:50 – Start the day with a pit stop at a well-known coffee shop for a caramel latte…   08:00 – 08:05 – Visual server room checks (daily). Results are added to our Log for compliance.   08:05 […]